Welcome to Treehouse Adventure Park. You’re in for a BIG ADVENTURE! Our park is located in beautiful Bailey, Colorado, just 35 miles from Denver. The park is a unique climbing experience you’ll never forget. Set in the ponderosa treetops, our environment closely resembles an Ewok village, or a Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. Our self-guided zip lines and challenge bridges are designed to engage participants of any skill level and age. A staff member will always be close if assistance is needed.

Start your treehouse adventure today. You can reserve a spot by emailing us or simply stop by our location. We can’t wait to see you!


Includes 2 hours of aerial adventure park experience!


KIDS 7-12 Years





Open rain or shine!

Saturday & Sunday:

10AM- 4PM

Friday & Monday:

12PM- 4PM

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: CLOSED

miles from Denver (Bailey, CO)

hour activity

and up (age groups)

What is an Aerial
Adventure Park?

An adventure park is a really fun series of self-guided zip lines and challenge bridges spanning the ponderosa treetops. These various bridges and zips are connected to form individual “courses”, which are sequenced according to their level of difficulty. Each course has a color designation similar to the runs at a ski resort (yellow, green, blue, black). The park is a unique climbing experience set in an environment that resembles an Ewok village or a Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.

Adventure parks are designed to engage participants of varying skill level and age group (7 and up). Each guest is harnessed by a staff member prior to entering a training area where the guest becomes familiar with his or her climbing equipment. From there, the participant enters the main starting platform and begins to navigate the easier of the courses before progressing to the more difficult. A staff member is always close by if or when assistance is needed. We can’t wait to see you!

About us

Treehouse Adventure Park was founded and constructed in 2018 amid the beautiful ponderosa pines of Bailey, CO. We are adventure park enthusiasts with the important responsibility of providing our guests with an entirely unique way of enjoying the pine trees. Our “indoors’” is a large round yurt…… so even answering emails is pretty fun up here. Speaking of which, please let us know if you have any questions.
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60117 Highway 285 • Bailey CO 80421


Complete and Sign Participant Agreement
Meet the weight and age requirements
Weight Range: 40-250 lbs
Minimum Age: 7 Years
Not be Pregnant
Wear closed-toe shoes